Writing bios is not really my thing, but I’ll give it a shot.

Things I like:

  • Scouting out garage sales and antique store for treasures
  • reading a good book with a steaming cup of coffee nearby
  • organizing and decorating my home
  • sewing and quilting
  • just about anything the color turquoise
  • the Buffalo Sabres
  • Pinterest
  • being near any body of water
  • the smell of a crisp, fall day
  • Christmas time
  • a good bargain
Things I Dislike:
  • writing bios
  • paying bills
  • rude people
  • bananas
Things I Wish I had Time to Do:
  • make quilts
  • scrapbook
  • read
  • birdwatch
  • go camping
  • cook yummy food
  • organize my home
  • nap

What I Actually Do:

  • work full-time as a store manager
  • sell DoTerra Essential Oils and products
  • Lots of laundry
Things I Collect
  • maps
  • Vintage Pyrex
  • Fiestaware
  • essential oils
  • vintage Golden Books
  • pretty fabric
  • Rocks from places we travel
  • planners and blank notebooks

My Family

  • my wonderful husband, whom I refer to affectionately as the Hubster
  • my amazing step-daughter Amanda
  • my oldest son Ethan
  • my younger son Eddie
  • my identical twin daughters, Caroline and Charlotte
  • my mother-in-law, Lady M.
  • Otto-the goofy Great Dane
  • Cats AKA the Three Amigos-Hazel, Pearl and Bianco

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